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Origin Of The Projection Glass Whiteboard

Dec 22, 2016

1. The evolution of writing pad

Evolution of the Tablet is from dust write writing pad to clean plate in such a process, as shown in the figure:

Blackboard (green) to the whiteboard to glass Whiteboard

Chalk dust arising out of writing greatly affects physical and mental health of teachers and students, have been criticized by teachers and students, low-carbon clean the classroom teachers and urgent requirement.

The ordinary Whiteboard is the first clean the writing pad, liquid white board pen, people from contaminated dust. Due to material causes, and used easily for some time, not a long service life.

Glass Whiteboard Whiteboard is a material 3C explosion-proof tempered glass back-painted in white-glazed, as a new Board, which is characterized by hard materials, easy to write and easy to clean, durable.

Ordinary glass whiteboard to write good clean, but it is reflective, face like a mirror, especially in the larger space, due to the angle of reflection, people could not see on the side of the text to the other side, eyes are not uncomfortable, but cannot be used for projection, positive reflection of strong light can make the eyes stand out. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the glass surface Nano-spray processing, reduce the rate of its reflective, and combined with imaging technology, improve the projection definition, now also known as Matt glass Whiteboard projection.