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Glass Whiteboard Free Design

Nov 03, 2017

With the continuous development of science and technology, Glass Whiteboard nowadays tablet computers are divided into many categories. Perhaps many people have just heard of the birth of glass whiteboards. They have not used them yet. However, we must have used a normal magnetic whiteboard! There is a difference between the two, what are the specific differences between the focus.

First of all, ordinary magnetic whiteboard and glass whiteboard from the production of materials there is a big difference. Elegant whiteboard is made of three coated three baking paint panels, Glass Whiteboard non-reflective quality long-lasting. Of course, the glass whiteboard is made of high safety explosion-proof glass made of whiteboard.

First, the magnetic tempered glass whiteboard size and color can be freely designed, the thickness of the glass whiteboard can be divided into: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, Glass Whiteboard glass whiteboard punch: 5mm, glass whiteboard medium is white paint anti-impact, The selection is safe and durable, per square 15 ~ 30kg (depending on thickness), glass whiteboard is a new type of writing board, its improvement began with the original blackboard to magnetic green board to the now common magnetic whiteboard.

Second, the glass whiteboard is the use of the country's top high-security rugged explosion-proof glass, and the use of advanced multi-level computer automatic paint and glass processing technology research and development and made outstanding quality, the conference room or residential decoration as a whole even more bright With this fashion sense.

Third, the use of the projector, Glass Whiteboard the glass whiteboard can act as projection curtain, whether it is a meeting, teaching, etc., have a very good effect. Glass whiteboard can make the projection light more condensed, so that when you watch the movie, no longer in the traditional whiteboard curtains have insufficient light, Glass Whiteboard the color out of focus, cloth screen uneven problem, but also save the purchase of projection screen cost. Bright, clean, no handwriting, and oily pen smear only with ordinary detergent easily wipe, will not scratch the surface of the glass whiteboard corrosion, permanent as new. Printed on the inner white glass, Glass Whiteboard beautiful, never fall off.

When we see on the glass whiteboard, which clear handwriting show up, the mood must be very enjoyable!