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Glass White Board With The Ordinary Whiteboard Products

Dec 22, 2016

Not a long service life of the ordinary Whiteboard: use for some time will turn black, traces font is difficult to erase, requires professional clean water to clean. Quality than ordinary glass Whiteboard Whiteboard should be firm, not easily deformed. But the ordinary Whiteboard price is relatively cheap.

Glass white board as long as not human vandalism, for permanent use, easy to write and easy to clean, looks nice, can increase a company's image, steel processing art glass white board use safer. Glass tablet is really repeatable erasable writing boards, even erased tens of thousands of times, the glass is smooth as glass, clear, and without reflection. But installation is trouble. High prices, but by time used to calculate is the most affordable, the highest value of a writing pad. Displayed on the clear handwriting on a glass Board, creating another joy of writing.