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Glass Decoration The Frequency Is Bigger

Jul 10, 2017

Many families will be between the bedroom and the living room between the physical walls are replaced by glass wall, that this expanded the sense of space. Feng Shui Xue that the glass is Xuan Guang, Glass Decoration not where are appropriate, like the living room and the bedroom between the glass wall, will become a look through the pattern, the bedroom people glance, lost privacy, also formed a yin and yang imbalance , Glass Decoration Will lead to emotional instability, trance.

Some of the more fashionable friends like the bedroom in the main bedroom in the bathroom partition into a glass partition, for this pattern, from the feng shui point of view is unfavorable, Glass Decoration because the bathroom is a place of evil spirits, is overcast, Glass Decoration the application of solid wall closed stand up.

Relatively speaking, the glass floor in the luxury of the emergence of a larger frequency, with different patterns of glass tiles, laying in the living room or room in the ground. Because of glass transparent, can not give people "down to earth" feeling, so people will lack a sense of security. Glass Decoration The ground in the house pay attention to safe, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use in home improvement.

Glass wall decoration is also a lot of friends prefer a decorative approach, not only can increase the sense of interior space, more to create life surprises. Glass Decoration Although the glass wall ornaments are beautiful, but avoid the bed. Place special attention to the glass wall decoration must rely on the real wall, Glass Decoration so that will not make space really empty.

 With the progress of glass processing technology, the glass of this cold material began to become colorful with people's wishes, the art of processing and profiled after the transformation of the glass becomes more humane, a room decoration in a beautiful scenery The

Carved glass is based on the actual and the needs of the environment, carved in the glass on a different pattern and pattern, this glass has a sense of concavity, Glass Decoration pattern and pattern of three-dimensional sense of strong, high appreciation value.

Ice glass, also known as crack glass, is in recent years before the emergence of a very decorative effect of the glass, the thickness of the glass 18 to 20 mm, Glass Decoration by three different thickness of the glass by a special process to suppress the , The middle of the thicker glass cracks symmetrical appearance, Glass Decoration in the personalized art glass is a high-end products