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Glass Decoration Pay Attention To Some Factors

Jun 01, 2017

Glass does have a good space partition function, both open space and can achieve a good visual effect, especially in the bathroom and master bedroom, Glass Decoration both to ensure privacy, but also to light. But in the use of glass at home, we must pay attention to some factors.

1, Glass has a lot of varieties, at home to pay attention to the decoration style with. For example, stained glass is generally used in European, Glass Decoration French style of home decoration, and transparent glass is more modern home decoration style used more.

2, if there are elderly or children in the home, the use of glass wall more prudent. In the main bedroom with glass wall, be sure to pay attention to the middle part of the glass wall with decorative strips or foil, otherwise because the indoor light is not very sufficient, Glass Decoration the elderly eyes are not good, very easy to hit the glass wall. Families with children have to be cautious with glass. Because children's eyes low, easy to ignore the lower glass, and easy to move, it is easy to directly hit the glass, there is a safety hazard. Therefore, the use of glass partition in the living room, it is also best to install a wooden entity below.

3, in the fixed glass door or wall, do not rely directly on the wall, but to use a cushion to protect, so even if there is a collision there is a buffer, Glass Decoration and glass door is generally more than wooden doors, so in the installation of the time to consider the local force of the ground.

4, now the corridor is more narrow, glass wall or door transport installation should be very careful to avoid accidents. The guest net reminds: Although the glass uses at home to be very beautiful, and now the glass quality all has the very big promotion, but does not have the high esteem at home to use the glass or the mirror extensively. Home decoration or to promote the natural style, but the glass is to give people feel very cold building materials. And really in the home life, must go extreme consideration, Glass Decoration that is, once the glass wall is broken, what consequences will be caused. So, home improvement or to use glass.

Art Glass is a color art glass as the carrier, specifically stained art glass is the real life of people in the spirit of the image of the world reflects, but also the artist's perception, emotion, ideals, ideas and other comprehensive psychological activities of the organic products. Combined with some arts and crafts to make the reality, emotion and ideals to be reproduced, and then combined with the imagination to achieve the aesthetic subject and aesthetic object of the object of a mutually-oriented objects. Glass Decoration The art glass in the broad sense covers all glass products, which embody design concepts and artistic effects, including artwork, handicrafts and decorations, and so on, while the narrow art glass refers only to works of art. Art Glass has penetrated into our daily life, we often see a variety of glass to give us different feelings, it is integrated into our lives, so that our lives become more colorful.

Decorative glass, as its name suggests, Glass Decoration is a decorative glass and glass products. Decorative glass and art glass in the concept of overlap place, generally speaking, the two are not very different. Art Glass is developed on the basis of decorative glass. In contrast to decorative glass, art glass style more varied, more rich in art, and more kinds. With the sustained development of China's economy, the rapid rise of building materials industry, art glass as a decoration material, more and more designers and application of customers. The designer adds the design concept to the glass, making more forms of glass display and crafts. The upgrading of residents ' Glass Decoration consumption structure, the independent innovation of enterprises, the construction of new countryside and the process of urbanization will ensure that the demand trend of the domestic market for glass products remains stable or has certain growth. With the development of automobile, decoration, construction, furniture and information industry technology, and the improvement of people's Daily living environment, the glass products such as insulating glass, toughened glass and so on can be applied to more widely. With the improvement of the quality of life of the masses, glass is used in daily life as a decorative use, then formed a specific product-decorative glass.