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Glass Decoration Material Use

Nov 03, 2017

Nowadays, glass is not only used for building materials, it is widely used in decorative materials. Looking forward to the future, the decoration industry in China has good prospects for development. The decorative effect of color is the trend of the future. The glass is very good Reflects the theme of color, Glass Decoration the glass can be based on different design styles to achieve different colors, glass decoration is simple, flexible changes, is now the designer's favorite decorative materials.

Today's decorative glass mainly baking glass, sandblasting glass, UV printing glass. Paint glass is the glass ink evenly sprayed on the surface of the glass, Glass Decoration the color of the glass more selective, but the pattern is relatively simple, sandblasting carved glass is the surface of the glass by corrosive chemical or corrosive chemicals sprayed on the glass paint , A lot of glass to reduce light transmission, the color is not true. UV printing glass is replacing both processes. UV printing glass prints the pattern on the glass surface by printing, and all kinds of color patterns can be shot out, and the color of the pattern changes flexibly.

Modern interior design, including soft and hard furnishings, including integrated indoor environment design, which involves not only the visual environment and engineering aspects, but also related to light, sound, heat, mood, color, atmosphere and cultural connotation and so on. Glass Decoration Therefore, the design must be combined with decorative arts to achieve the purpose of interior decoration. Interior decoration, dimming glass partition has two states of transparency and atomization, according to the need to choose a different color or for other processing, such as jacketed into a variety of patterns, give full play to the decorative aesthetic effect. Dimming glass partition can replace the curtains, just need to gently press the remote control, glass immediately atomized, Glass Decoration allowing you to enjoy the sense of technology at the same time with the curtain effect.

In the office or bedroom decoration, whether it is furnishings or furnishings and furnishings, to be set off to the background of the indoor environment, office decoration is also to bring out the company's corporate culture. The dimming glass transparent and cream two states, Glass Decoration creating a simple style without losing the atmosphere, but also bring out a fashion taste, more easily integrated into a variety of decorative style.

Occasional encounters in the space are not ideal place to be adjusted, or want to improve the space is not bright enough. In the actual decoration, we are the most common is separated by a glass partition a large office space. Dimming glass flexible state switching operation experience to let it have the traditional partition incomparable advantages, which is the greatest advantage of dimming glass. Glass Decoration Reasonable division of space, not only can beautify the environment, but also effectively improve the flexibility and controllability of the interior space, while improving the utilization of interior space but also greatly improve the work efficiency, it is the best of both worlds.