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Glass Decoration Flexible Color Changes

Oct 10, 2017

Nowadays glass is not only used for building materials,Glass Decoration is being widely used in decorative materials, looking to the future, China's decorative industry has a good development prospects, color decorative effect is the future trend of development, glass very good embodiment of the theme of color, Glass Decoration glass can be based on different design style to achieve different colors, Glass decoration operation is simple, flexible change, is the designer's favorite decorative materials.

Today's decorative glass mainly has paint glass, sandblasting sculpture glass, UV printing glass. The paint glass is sprayed evenly on the glass surface, Glass Decoration the color of the glass is more selective, but the pattern is relatively single, sandblasting carved glass is on the surface of the glass by carborundum or corrosive chemical materials sprayed on the glass, glass of light transmittance reduced a lot, Glass Decoration the color is not true. UV printing Glass is replacing these two processes, UV printing glass in the form of printing on the surface of the glass printing patterns, all kinds of beauty patterns can be played, the pattern color change flexible.

Glass wall decoration is also a recent designer like the application of decorative techniques, one can pull a large house of space, and then rich in change, often pleasantly surprised. Glass wall finishes are acceptable, but there is a principle that is not suitable for bed. In addition, Glass Decoration the glass wall decoration must depend on the solid wall, will not make space unknown.

In some luxurious villas or duplex villa decoration design, some owners will use glass floor tiles as decoration, that is, in the living room or the floor of the room to lay glass floor tiles, and in which to make a pattern for decoration. Experts analysis that because glass permeability, Glass Decoration can not give people to "down-to-earth" feeling, so will make people lack of security. The floor in the living room or room must be stable, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use in the home.

Some families in the decoration of the bedroom and living room between the partition, replaced by glass wall, that this is conducive to expanding the sense of space. Some easy-learning experts believe that Glass has a kind of dark light, not anywhere is suitable, more attention should be paid at home. Like the glass wall between the living room and bedroom, because sweeping, will disturb people's thought, Glass Decoration so it is not suitable.

If the toilet using glass to block, then in Feng shui is difficult to flourish, from the point of view of Feng Shui is also not appropriate, because the toilet no matter how all is a evil place, belong to the yin, should be concealed, so to use solid wall, rather than with transparent glass wall, Glass Decoration for the glass of feng shui, will likely cause people's gas field is not smooth.