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Glass Decoration Easy To Clean

Oct 25, 2017

Table is often the most direct, but also the most critical, said that the Buddha rely on gold to suit people rely on clothing, living room by the background wall. Glass Decoration Now ordinary decoration has not met the needs of people, many families have used the background wall. As a decorative material of home art, the background wall is more and more applied to various scenes, such as porch, living room, restaurant, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

The TV background wall is usually to make up for the emptiness of the background wall in the home space TV area, while also playing the role of decorating the TV area background wall. Glass Decoration At the same time, art glass TV background wall is the most important part of home, but also to highlight the Master's taste!

Art mirror for the decoration of the living room, Glass Decoration not only to highlight the master's personal quality, but also to the environment for the best construction of the atmosphere. Living room Art Glass TV background wall can play a special role in large space decoration!

The use of art mirrors in the restaurant, concise and crisp, the use of soft tones, can evoke the appetite of people, to enhance the appetite, do not complicate the design, Glass Decoration because the room is too small. Because of the limitations of the restaurant space, people usually use art glass to enlarge the effect of space! Art Glass mirror style is diverse, noble, elegant, luxurious, more is used in home decoration, hotels, KTV, hotels, restaurants and other places, favored by people.

Art Glass mirror background wall without radiation, will not release harmful substances, but also has sound insulation effect, particularly suitable for bedroom use. Glass Decoration Color Art Glass, now more and more young people, like the Western oil painting series, stained art glass can be better realistic oil painting color, at the same time, art glass background wall in the use of the process is very easy to clean, dishcloth gently rub will be very clean, moisture-resistant deformation. is the ideal background wall in home life. Glass Decoration Green Environmental protection is the first choice of modern home!

1, this set of Glass City mirror products of all components of the classification placed in the installation of the easier to take the place;

2, bare wall installation, with the infrared level to do horizontal horizontal support line, along the wall in a straight wood line to make glass-bearing reuse;

3, infra-red vertical installation of the reference line;

4, from the next to the top, according to the drawing prompts to install the first horizontal, Glass Decoration adjust the appropriate distance to the side, infrared detection of the first row of transverse glass in the same position, if there is discrepancy, with a thin film inserted between the gap adjustment, until the same;

5, each piece of glass connected to the angle between the right, can not because of the consideration of a gap and ignore the point of view, otherwise, the higher the angle, Glass Decoration the greater the gap will be, until the installation, if the angle in the installation of a part of the gap, can be inserted into the support of thin film to adjust;

6, due to the glass weight fall, will be installed under the glass to squeeze and lead to dislocation, so the installation should be a look at, coordinated treatment, Glass Decoration this for a set of mirror product installation effect is very important;

7, when the installation is forbidden to close between the glass, in principle should be left out of the 1mm clearance, in order to cushion the future deformation of the floor to the glass extrusion;

8, each installation of three rows, Glass Decoration must use the infrared level instrument to the direction of the horizontal, vertical conditions to check and rectify, until all installed;