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Glass Decoration Design

Jul 31, 2017

Good backdrops are designed, Glass Decoration through the construction of careful decoration design and planning, including how to design the size of the background wall, choose a few materials with style, Glass Decoration and the most important design background wall modeling and other planning.

Art glass backdrop planning begins, first consider the size of this wall. Design time, if the backdrop is too small, the overall look too stingy, if designed too much, Glass Decoration the living room seems depressed. In order to make the TV backdrop and the overall coordination, there is a full decorative effect, the correct approach is based on the size of the living room and the size of the TV to determine the size of the background wall.

Art glass TV backdrop can be exaggerated by the unique shape and can be very modern, Glass Decoration but also return to tradition and reflect the simple. Glass Decoration It is worth noting that even if the graphic design, art glass backdrop is also the best design. Simply use only a t art glass for the background wall is too cold and not warm, with a variety of other mix with the use of better results.

Selection of art glass to do the background wall of the TV, Glass Decoration the choice of materials can be described as rich and colorful, almost with any of the ideal of modern decoration effect. According to the decoration style classification, art glass has a variety of colors with color and transparency, with different decorative effects of mirror and flat. First determine the overall style of home improvement, Glass Decoration design background wall shape, and then determine the color of the TV backdrop with.

Consider the art glass background wall design, Glass Decoration the same to determine is the selection of art glass. As a decorative panel on the wall, Glass Decoration the best choice for the art of glass surface to be flat, the texture to be hard, it is recommended to the formal brand of building materials market to buy. At the same time, conditional friends can choose a good sound insulation foam glass material, or strong resistance to the safety of art glass.

The use of art glass material to do TV backdrop, Glass Decoration can give the room to bring a strong modern, the cost is not very high, but the construction of high difficulty.

Start the construction of the art glass background wall, the first is the basic treatment of the wall, scraping putty and batch of ash, requiring the walls smooth, Glass Decoration clean no floating soil, dust, and coated with moisture protection for protection.

After the grass-roots treatment is good, in order to make the decorative panel installed firmly and smooth, you can choose one side of the core board cover the grassroots.Glass Decoration According to the design size, in order to install the art glass wall on the wall of the nail into the nine-board rendering,Glass Decoration requiring uniform installation of staples firmly, the overall close to the wall effect smooth.

After the big core board, then paste the art glass plate. Glass Decoration According to the design to draw the paste area, the use of glass glue evenly coated on the back of the veneer, paste on the big core board. For the larger weight of the art of glass pieces, according to the situation to add a mirror to ensure that the installation of a firm.

Art glass background wall is installed, for the design of the TV on the wall of the family, should try to make the art glass to avoid the TV load. If you want to drill on the art glass, Glass Decoration the operation of high technical content. Therefore, in the design and planning, Cai Sheng background wall experts recommend the use of glass and other materials used to calculate the location of the fixed TV shelves, Glass Decoration shelter in the place with wood replacement. The same time as

Art glass TV wall decoration from the beginning of the design planning must be careful and serious, pay attention to the full consideration of the feasibility of modeling, Glass Decoration strict decoration and other details.