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Glass Decoration Decorations

Jun 28, 2017

Glass decoration feng shui, glass as a landscaping decorations in our home improvement is often used, but the same large number of the use of glass also lead to easy to make some feng shui taboo on the issue. Glass Decoration So how can we make the feng shui better in the case of good use?

In fact, this pattern has also made the traditional geomancy of the foot of evil, modern geomancy in the empty, low things called water, try to meet the wind and rain, Glass Decoration it depends on the glass to resist, long past Will cause damage to people in the living room, after all, the meaning of home is warm, peaceful, to resist wind and rain. And if only the glass to block the wind and rain, Glass Decoration then people feel not practical, Glass Decoration great stormy sense of crisis. Not only will affect the wealth, while the physical health is also detrimental, because the living room is the place of family activities, so everyone living here have an impact.

The same problem still exists in the bedroom. In Chinese philosophy, Glass Decoration the yin and yang harmonic called the optimal environment. And in the bedroom if it is facing the floor of the glass wall, Glass Decoration it is often opened the curtains are sunshine into the room, will form a light evil, and usually closed the curtains will feel too dark. This situation will lead to the couple's disagreement. Bedroom to have a balance of light, will make the couple emotional harmony.

Now many houses are often the bedroom, Glass Decoration the living room are connected with the balcony, so that will feel the area larger and better lighting, it would have been a good thing. Glass Decoration But some builders in order to highlight the scenery can be better to enjoy the effect, so that users seem to be in the beach as the villa, often made on the balcony is the vertical floor of the glass wall, so that it may destroy the pattern.

This pattern, people feel at the foot of the void, when the tenants in the living room activities, imagine the side of the foot is empty, high floor, then often scared, no sense of security. At the same time to others can cause peeping feeling, and the heart is also suspicious of evil. Because the home is different from the hotel, Glass Decoration the hotel public places, it is necessary to a secret space, we are common hotels, Glass Decoration bars and other floor glass device is not applicable to the home.

In some luxury bungalows or duplex villa design, Glass Decoration some will use glass tiles as decoration, is in the room or room on the ground laying glass tiles, and in which to make patterns for decoration. Because the glass transparent, can not give people "down to earth" feeling, Glass Decoration so people will lack a sense of security. And the floor of the room or room must be stable, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use at home.

Glass wall decoration is also the recent designers like to use the decorative techniques, one can pull the house a sense of space, and secondly rich in change, Glass Decoration often surprises. Glass wall ornaments are acceptable, but there is a principle that is not suitable for beds. In addition, the glass wall decoration must rely on the real wall and set, will not make the space is false. In short, Glass Decoration the home of the glass decoration should not be too much, how to use the specific, different room structure has a different argument.