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Glass Decoration Choose And Use

Sep 01, 2017

Decorative decorative materials more and more diversified, decorative glass is also more and more common, it can not only play a beautiful effect, but also to meet some special environmental requirements and privacy needs, then, how to choose decorative glass it.

Method steps:

1. Color glass because of its anti-erosion characteristics can be very convenient cleaning, as well as corrosion-resistant and so on. Applicable to sliding doors, windows, walls and other parts.

2. Glazed glass can be easily cleaned and will not affect the color, but also has a beautiful pattern. Applicable to indoor doors, stairs and other parts of the block.

3. Embossed glass pattern variety, and has a translucent effect, with a sense of viewing. It is suitable for sliding doors, sliding doors, indoor partitions and other parts.

4. Spray glass can be formed by the sandblasting transparent and opaque two effects, when the use of independent choice. It is suitable for indoor, windows, partitions and other parts.

5. Breast glass has a lot of pattern style, giving a delicate soft feeling. Applicable to sliding doors, partitions and other parts.

6. Carved glass pattern three-dimensional sense of strong, in the light source under the effect of bright, giving high-end feelings. Applicable to partition, screen and other parts.

Glass decoration materials that have had the experience of decoration friends are very understanding, glass decorative materials are designed for decoration in the glass products, most of them have been deep processing, carved flowers, polished, scrub, painted and so on , With the continuous expansion of people's needs, more and more types of decorative glass, the following brief on the choice of glass decorative materials and use.

1. Features of glass material

Glass material is one of the most commonly used decorative materials in home decoration, is an indispensable material in family life. With the scientific and technological progress and the people's pursuit of quality of life continues to improve, glass products in the decoration of the application is also increasingly widespread. The glass has the special properties of light transmission, perspective, sound insulation and heat insulation. Therefore, it is widely used not only in doors and windows, but also in walls and wall decoration items which need to improve the luminosity and decorative effect. The

2. The transport of glass material

Glass material is extremely easy to damage the decorative materials, damage will reduce the performance of materials and decorative effect, therefore, in the transport must take protective measures. In the batch transport of sheet metal, should be used wooden box, and do a good job of shock absorption, decompression protection, single-piece transport, must also be fastened, plus shock, vacuum liner. Glass bricks for corrugated box packaging, transport should be gently, is strictly prohibited throwing and squeezing. Glass plate should be placed storage, glass tiles stacked storage should not exceed its load capacity.

3. Quality identification of glass materials

Glass plate inspection, the appearance of the quality is mainly to check the flatness, observe the presence of bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass, in the use of deformation, Transparency, mechanical strength and glass thermal stability, engineering should not be used. As the glass is transparent objects, in the selection by visual inspection, the basic can identify the quality of good or bad. In addition to the requirements of flat glass testing, it should also test the quality of processing, whether the standard size, processing accuracy and pattern clarity meet the requirements, while the edge is not allowed to be incomplete.

The appearance quality of the hollow glass tiles is not allowed to crack, and the opaque unmelted material is not allowed in the glass body. It is not permissible to weld and glue between the two vitreous bodies. Visual inspection of brick body should not have ripples, bubbles and glass body in the uneven formation of the layered stripes. Glass tile on the surface of the large surface should be less than 1 mm, convex should be less than 2 mm, the weight should meet the quality standards, no surface warping and notch, burr and other quality defects, the angle to Founder.