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Glass Decoration Chemical Properties

Jul 21, 2017

Different substances through the absorption of different wavelengths of ultraviolet light, the molecules will occur energy level transition, from the ground state transition to the excited state, Glass Decoration change the material chemical properties. Exposure and development process refers to the use of the characteristics of this material, from the high-precision UV parallel light source through the mask version of the specific absorption of a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation, and then remove the excess coating by chemical, Glass Decoration so as to achieve the process of graphics transfer Called the exposure process.

Now the glass is not only used for building materials, is now widely used in decorative materials, look to the future, the Chinese decoration industry has a good development prospects, Glass Decoration color decoration effect is the future development trend, the glass is very good The embodiment of the color of the theme, the glass can be based on different design style to achieve different colors, Glass Decoration glass decoration is simple, flexible changes, it is the designer favorite decorative materials.

Today's decorative glass is mainly painted glass, sandblasted glass, Glass Decoration UV printing glass. Paint glass is the glass ink evenly sprayed on the surface of the glass, Glass Decoration the color of the glass is more selective, but the pattern is relatively simple, sandblasting carved glass is the surface of the glass by corundum or corrosive chemical raw materials destroyed after spraying glass paint , The transparency of the glass is much lower, the color is not true. UV printing glass is replacing these two processes, UV printing glass to print the way in the glass surface print patterns, a variety of posture patterns can be played, the pattern color changes flexible.

Many families will be between the bedroom and the living room between the wall into a glass wall, that this way to expand the sense of space. Feng Shui Xue that there is a kind of glass Xuan light, Glass Decoration not anywhere is suitable for more attention in the home. Like the glass partition between the living room and the bedroom, Glass Decoration because the glance, will disturb people's thinking, so should not be. Moreover, the living room is the area of guest activity, is the sun, and the bedroom is the owner of the rest of the place, Glass Decoration is the yin, if it is the use of glass wall, into a look through the pattern, Glass Decoration the main room and guest of the every move are panoramic view, The imbalance between yin and yang, will lead to emotional instability, trance.

Many fashion people like to change the bedroom in the master bedroom into a glass toilet. For this pattern, Glass Decoration but from the point of view of feng shui is unfavorable, Glass Decoration because the bathroom is a place where evil spirits, is anxious, the application of real wall closed up.

In the luxury residential glass the highest probability of occurrence, and some will use glass tiles as decoration, is in the living room or room on the ground laying glass floor tiles, designed for different patterns. Glass Decoration Because the glass transparent, can not give people "down to earth" feeling, Glass Decoration so people will lack a sense of security. As the ground in the house pay attention to safe, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use at home.