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Glass Boards The Request Is Getting Higher And Higher

Jul 31, 2017

Foam glass plate can be widely used in civil building exterior and roof insulation. Glass Boards As the foam glassy light, fire, water, no pollution, no burning, long life (the same long life with the building) and other characteristics, coupled with the requirements of the living environment of human beings increasingly high, Glass Boards foam glass is the ideal building wall insulation Materials and roof insulation materials.

Foam glass plate is both cold material and insulation material, Glass Boards can adapt to the cold temperature to a higher temperature range and so on. At the same time its important value is not only for many years the use will not degenerate, but also play a fire, shock effect. Glass Boards It is not only safe and reliable, but also durable, and is known as "no permanent insulation material without replacement" when used in low temperature and deep cold, underground engineering, flammable and explosive, Glass Boards moist and chemically erosive environment. So it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, underground engineering, shipbuilding, national defense industry, Glass Boards thermal insulation and flue lining anti-corrosion works.

Foam glass insulation board is A1 grade fireproof material, has a good fire resistance, refractoriness of 1000 ℃ or more, to meet the People's Republic of China Ministry of Public Security, Glass Boards Ministry of Housing and Urban Public [2009] No. 46 document requirements and the Ministry of Public Security 2011 3 On April 14 issued a "clear on the civil building insulation materials fire supervision and management of the relevant requirements of the notice" (referred to as "No. 65") provides "civil building insulation materials using combustion performance for the A-level material" requirements The

Foam glass insulation board closed rate of 95%, Glass Boards high porosity to reduce convective heat transfer, is a prerequisite for high insulation. The thermal conductivity of the fireproof insulation board and the thermal conductivity of the polystyrene board are basically the same, Glass Boards which can meet the demand of building insulation.

The product compression, bending, Glass Boards strength indicators are high, reached a relatively low density of relatively high strength, Glass Boards the use and transportation is not easy to break, Glass Boards and meet the fire integrity.

Foam glass insulation board at high temperatures will not burn and do not release toxic gases, are safe, environmentally friendly building materials.

Foam glass insulation board life of more than 70 years, and building life can be synchronized.

Production, construction and use of no harmful gas emissions on the impact of the environment; to avoid duplication of waste removal of waste to the environment pollution; Glass Boards will not cause the traditional insulation materials burning to the environment and personal safety threat; Dust on the human respiratory tract and skin damage caused by the building after the demolition of waste, Glass Boards the material can be re-filled with the use of crushing, will not cause pollution to the environment, to achieve sustainable production.

The fireproof inorganic insulation board is a multi-closed hole material, so it is also a good sound insulation material, it can play a good sound insulation effect, greatly reducing the noise impact, improve the living environment.