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Glass Boards Precautions

Sep 01, 2017

The glass plate level gauge can be used to directly indicate the height of the liquid in the sealed container. It has the advantages of simple structure, intuitive and reliable, durable, but the medium in the container must be corrosive with steel, steel and graphite The HG5 glass plate level gauge is the original chemical industry HG5-1364 ~ 1370-80 standard for direct instructions for a variety of towers, tanks, tanks, boxes and other containers within the liquid level. In the instrument up and down the valve is equipped with safety ball, when the glass accidentally damaged, the ball in the container under the pressure of the role, automatically shut down the flow channel to prevent the liquid level to continue outflow. In the instrument on the valve end of the plug hole screw, available for sampling, or in the maintenance, release the remaining liquid in the instrument. According to the principle of the connector, through the transparent glass to directly display the actual level of liquid level inside the container.

Instrument on the upper and lower valves are equipped with M27 × 1.5 or ZG3 / 4 "threaded joints, through the flange and the container connected to form a connector, through the glass plate can be directly read the height of the liquid level inside the container.

Main Specifications

Dimensions Measurement range (installation center distance L): 300,500,800,1100,1400,1700mm.

Working pressure: 2.5,4.0,6.3MPa, 0.6MPa (for R type)

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel

Working temperature: -20 ~ +200 ℃

Automatic closing pressure of steel balls: ≥0.2MPa

With steam pressure: ≤ 0.6MPa steam jacket connector: G1 / 2 "external thread


In order to ensure the role of automatic sealing, the container medium pressure should be greater than 0.2MPa, open the upper and lower valves, the stem out of the number of revolutions of not less than 4 turn, so that when the ball closed door, Buzhi Yu met the top of the stem.

Level gauge glass material requirements

1, the level gauge glass should have the appropriate chemical stability and thermal stability, good mechanical strength, expansion coefficient is small;

2, color: glass plate color should be colorless or slightly light yellow or light green.