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Glass Boards Play Its Role

Oct 25, 2017

When the foam glass plate is processed, the price of the foamed glass plate will change according to our different demand. In fact, in our market, the vast majority of buyers in the bubble glass purchase, Glass Boards he will choose foam insulation board.

Because the foam glass insulation board in the use of the time, it has a certain temperature insulation effect, and it can be used as a foam glass isolation belt. Glass Boards And it is more than some other insulation products in the sale, the price of foam insulation board is relatively cheaper, it belongs to the heat preservation products in a relatively high cost-effective products. So if we need to use the insulation board now most buyers will use foam insulation board in use, not only the overall use of better results, Glass Boards and the overall cost is not particularly expensive, most people can accept. So that's why the vast majority of buyers will choose the foam glass plate when they buy the insulation board.

Now the foam glass is used on the walls and roofs of the houses we live in, and is a good material for thermal insulation. Now people are increasingly strict with the living environment, Glass Boards the foam glass plate just meet the high demand of people. This foam glass can not only heat insulation can also be cold, can be used in colder environment, can also be used in a very high temperature environment, its service life is very long, can be used for a lifetime of buildings, as long as the building is not damaged, Glass Boards the foam glass plate can play its role normally. Therefore, the foam glass is generally used for low temperature underground, or storage of flammable or explosive objects, in all aspects of our lives can be used, more convenient for our lives, but also improve the safety of our lives.

Fireproof Inorganic insulation Board can replace polystyrene board and other organic materials used as external wall and roof insulation. Fireproof Inorganic Insulation Board thin plastering external wall insulation system by Interface mortar, fireproof inorganic insulation board insulation layer, Glass Boards thin surface layer and decorative coating composition, fire-resistant inorganic insulation board with adhesive mortar with full adhesion method fixed at the base, thin surface layer covered with fiberglass mesh.

Foam Glass Insulation Board is a new type of insulation, Glass Boards flame-retardant, sound-absorbing material. Foam glass insulation board to broken glass for the material, through the high-temperature melting through the centrifugal processing into inorganic fiber, Glass Boards foam glass wall insulation material is one of the new environmental protection materials, with environmental protection, safety, comfort, saving performance.