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Glass Boards Plate

Nov 01, 2017

Plexiglass sheet, also known as acrylic plate, glass sheet is mainly polymethyl methacrylate. Has been made of plexiglass plate, divided into color and colorless, light transmission rate of more than 92%.

Acrylic also known as special treatment plexiglass, glass plate of resin glass replacement products, with acrylic light box with good light transmission, pure color, rich colors, beautiful apartment, taking into account the impact of two day and night, long life, glass board Does not affect the use of other features, in addition, the acrylic plate, aluminum-plastic plate, can be the perfect combination of advanced screen printing, glass plate, to meet the needs of enterprises, acrylic bubble is to improve the business storage level, unified corporate image of the best outdoor advertising

Weathering and acid-base performance, the glass board will not have long life due to perennial sun and rain, yellowing and hydrolysis of acrylic panels, and other materials compared to more than three years of good life, More than 92% of the glass plate required for the lighting intensity is small, save the power to resist the strong impact of ordinary glass 16 times.

Light transmission rate of up to 92%, like a crystal, there are "plastic queen" reputation weather resistance excellent surface hardness and gloss high processing performance, glass plate for mechanical processing and simple thermoforming chemical corrosion resistance, suitable for spraying , Screen printing, vacuum coating, film and other surface finishing applications designed for various acrylic panels can be dyed, the surface glass board can be painted, screen printed or vacuum coated acrylic acrylic board can have different surface gloss and pattern Diverse, rich colors, and has a very good overall performance, for designers to provide a variety of options.

Suitable for installation in special needs safe area insulation performance is good for a variety of electrical equipment, light weight, glass than ordinary glass board half of the light, construction and support to bear the load of small color bright, high brightness, other materials can not be with plasticity, glass Plate shape change, easy to restore the speed of processing, the growing awareness of environmentally friendly maintenance easy, easy to clean, rain can be natural clean, or scrub with soap and soft cloth can be.

Foam glass plate can be widely used in civil building exterior and roof insulation. As the foam glass light, fire, waterproof, non-polluting, non-burning, glass long life (long life) and other characteristics, coupled with environmental protection requirements of the living environment, foam glass is a civil building wall insulation materials and roof insulation materials Ideal material.

Foam glass plates are cold insulation materials, glass sheet can be adapted to high temperature range. At the same time, its important value is not only long-term use will not deteriorate, but also played a fire, shock effect. Low temperature and low temperature, glass plate underground works, flammable and explosive, humid and chemical corrosion harsh environment, not only safe and reliable, but also durable, known as "permanent insulation does not replace." Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, glass, chemical, underground engineering, shipbuilding, national defense industry insulation, insulation and corrosion engineering.