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Glass Boards Good Transmission Performance

Aug 08, 2017

Plexiglass board is also known as acrylic plate, Glass Boards the material is mainly poly-methyl methacrylate. Ready-made plexiglass plate, divided into color and colorless, light transmittance of more than 92%.

Acrylic also known as special treatment Plexiglass, Glass Boards the Department of Plexiglass replacement products, with acrylic light box with good transmittance, color purity, rich color, beautiful flat, taking into account the two effects of the day and night, long service life, Glass Boards does not affect the use of such characteristics, in addition, acrylic plate and aluminum-plastic sheet, advanced screen printing can be perfect combination, Glass Boards to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is to improve the business store grade, unified corporate image the best outdoor advertising form

weathering and acid-alkali performance, Glass Boards will not be due to the perennial sun and rain, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis of acrylic board life long, and other materials compared to the life of more than three years of good light transmittance, can reach more than 92%, Glass Boards the required lighting intensity is small, save power resistance strong impact, is the ordinary glass 16 times times.

The transmittance is as high as 92%, like Crystal, has "the plastic empress" the reputation weatherability extremely good surface hardness and the luster higher processing performance, Glass Boards is suitable for the mechanical processing and the easy hot forming chemical corrosion resistance is good, suitable for spraying, screen printing, vacuum coating, film and other surface decoration application design a variety of acrylic plate can be dyed, Glass Boards surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating acrylic plate can have different surface gloss and pattern acrylic plate variety, color rich, and has extremely excellent comprehensive performance, offers a variety of options for designers.

Suitable for installation in special needs safe zone insulation performance is good, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment, light weight, Glass Boards than ordinary glass half light, buildings and stents bear the load small color gorgeous, high brightness, is the other materials can not be comparable to the plasticity, Glass Boards shape change, processing molding easily recoverable rate, for the increasingly enhanced environmental awareness of the maintenance of convenient, easy to clean, rain can be natural cleaning, or with soap and soft cloth scrub can be.

Foamed glass panels can be widely used in the insulation of exterior walls and roofs of civil buildings. Because the foam glass light, fire, waterproof, non-polluting, do not burn, Glass Boards long life (with the same long life) and other characteristics, coupled with the human environment for the survival of environmental protection requirements, foam glass is ideal for civil construction wall insulation materials and roofing insulation materials.

Foamed glass panels are both cold and insulating materials, Glass Boards which can adapt to the high temperature range and so on. At the same time, its important value is not only the long-term use will not deteriorate, but also played a fire, shockproof effect. In low temperature cryogenic, Glass Boards underground engineering, flammable explosive, humid and chemical erosion harsh environment, not only safe and reliable, but also durable, known as "no replacement of permanent insulation." Therefore, it is widely used in oil, Glass Boards chemical, underground engineering, shipbuilding, national defense industry insulation and heat preservation and flue lining anti-corrosion works.