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Glass Boards Good Light Transmission Performance

Nov 03, 2017

Acrylic, also known as special treatment of plexiglass, Department of plexiglass generation of products, made of acrylic light boxes with good light transmission, color pure, Glass Boards colorful, beautiful flat, taking into account the two days and nights, long life, does not affect the use of such In addition, acrylic sheet and aluminum-plastic profiles, advanced screen printing, etc. can be the perfect combination to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic blister is to improve the store level, the best outdoor advertising unified corporate image form.

Weather and acid and alkali performance is good, Glass Boards will not be due to years of sun and rain, and the phenomenon of yellowing and hydrolysis Acrylic board long life, compared with other materials, products, long life of more than three years, good light transmission, Glass Boards up to More than 92%, the required light intensity is small, save energy impact resistance, is 16 times the ordinary glass.

Transparency as high as 92%, like crystal, the "Queen of Plastics" reputation for excellent weather resistance and high surface hardness and gloss processing performance, both for machining and easy thermoforming chemical corrosion resistance is good for spraying, Screen printing, vacuum coating, film and other surface decoration applications Diverse design Acrylic board can be dyed, the surface can be sprayed, Glass Boards silk screen or vacuum coating Acrylic board can have a different surface gloss and patterns Acrylic a wide variety of colors, And has extremely excellent overall performance, provides designers with a variety of options.

Suitable for installation in special needs safety zone Excellent insulation performance, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment, light weight, lighter than ordinary glass, buildings and brackets to bear the load of small colorful, high brightness, other materials can not be comparable to plasticity, Glass Boards modeling Varying, easy to process, easy to reclaim, easy to maintain, easy to clean for rainy day, or scrub with soap and soft cloth.

Fireproof inorganic insulation board can replace polystyrene board and other organic materials for external walls and roof insulation. Fire-resistant inorganic sound insulation board Thin plaster exterior insulation system consists of interface mortar, fireproof insulation board insulation, thin plaster and finishes coating, fireproof inorganic insulation board adhesive mortar with sticky method At the grassroots level, Glass Boards a thin layer of fiberglass matte shop.

With the life of the same building: system stability, anti-carbonation, aging and frost resistance, excellent weather resistance, and life with buildings. Glass Boards The design life of a building is 50-100 years, the service life of organic materials is mostly 20-25 years, the secondary construction cost is large, the environmental pollution is big, and it brings inconvenience to people's production and life.

Energy-saving, environmental protection, and waste: cement and fly ash as the main raw materials, high temperature will not burn and produce toxic gases, non-radioactive, Glass Boards are safe and environmentally friendly products; production, construction and use of non-hazardous gas emissions, Material flying dust on the human body damage; scrapped after the demolition of the building, Glass Boards the material crushed can be re-filled use, will not cause pollution to the environment, to achieve sustainable production. At the same time, as waste products in line with national energy-saving emission reduction industry policy.