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Glass Boards Good Light Transmission Performance

Aug 16, 2017

Plexiglass plate is also known as acrylic plate, the main material is polymethyl methacrylate. Glass Boards Ready-made plexiglass sheet, sub-color and colorless, translucent rate of 92% or more.

Acrylic, also known as special treatment of plexiglass, plexiglass replacement products, with acrylic production of light boxes with light transmission performance, pure color, rich colors, beautiful formation, taking into account the two effects of day and night, long life, does not affect the use of Features, in addition, acrylic sheet and aluminum-plastic plate profiles, high-level screen printing, etc. can be the perfect combination to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic plastic is to improve the business store grade, unified corporate image of the best outdoor advertising form.

The brightness of up to 92%, like a crystal, "plastic queen" reputation Weatherability excellent surface hardness and gloss higher processing performance, both for mechanical processing and easy to thermoforming chemical resistance is better, suitable for spraying, Silk screen, vacuum coating, film and other surface decoration design design Variety of acrylic board can be dyed, the surface can be painted, Glass Boards silk screen or vacuum coating acrylic board can have a different surface gloss and pattern Acrylic board variety, rich colors, And has a very excellent overall performance, to provide designers with a variety of options.

Suitable for installation in the special needs of the security zone insulation performance, suitable for a variety of electrical equipment, light weight, light than half of ordinary glass, buildings and stents to bear the load of small colorful, high brightness, other materials can not match the plasticity, Changeable, Glass Boards easy to deal with the recovery of high recovery rate, for the growing awareness of environmental protection and easy maintenance, easy to clean, rain can be naturally clean,Glass Boards or scrub with soap and soft cloth can be.

Foam glass plate can be widely used in civil building exterior and roof insulation. As the foam glassy light, fire, water, no pollution, no burning, long life (the same long life with the building) and other characteristics, coupled with the requirements of the living environment of human beings increasingly high, foam glass is the ideal building wall insulation Materials and roof insulation materials.

Foam glass plate is both cold material and insulation material, Glass Boards can adapt to the cold temperature to a higher temperature range and so on. At the same time its important value is not only for many years the use will not degenerate, but also play a fire, shock effect. It is not only safe and reliable, but also durable, and is known as "no permanent insulation material without replacement" when used in low temperature and deep cold, underground engineering, flammable and explosive, moist and chemically erosive environment. Glass Boards So it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, underground engineering, shipbuilding,Glass Boards national defense industry, thermal insulation and flue lining anti-corrosion works.

Fireproof inorganic insulation board can replace polystyrene board and other organic materials for external walls and roof insulation. Glass Boards Fire insulation inorganic insulation board thin plaster external wall insulation system by the interface mortar, fireproof inorganic insulation board insulation layer, thin surface layer and the surface coating composition, fireproof insulation board insulation mortar with a full sticky fixed At the grassroots level, the thin wiping layer is filled with fiberglass mesh.