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Development Of Glass Whiteboard

Dec 22, 2016

Glass Whiteboard glass original patches of high temperature baked white glaze on the other side, also known as the painted glass. The beginning of this century, in the commercial office building decoration, glass White Board began to be used as a writing pad, and more is being used as a wall decoration. After 2008, with the development of the Internet, some people began to sell this product online. As a new Board, which is characterized by hard materials, easy to write and easy to clean, durable.

Each product has advantages and disadvantages, glass Whiteboard is no exception. Main performance is reflective, especially in the larger space, due to the angle of reflection, people could not see on the side of the text to the other side, eyes are not uncomfortable, but cannot be used for projection, glass front reflected glare can make the eyes stand. Later in order to avoid this, the glass surface Nano-spray processing, reducing the reflection rate of it, also known as Matt glass Whiteboard. Nano-spray processing is a high-tech process, surface gloss, easy to write, low reflectivity. After some small plants, although it is not reflective, surface smooth, written rub out, loss of normal function of the writing pad.

Everywhere on the network now promote Matt glass Whiteboard can be both writing and projection is actually limited. In many cases over the years prove that Matt is not reflective, but the drop shadow effect than LaTeX painted walls. And we can't get recognition.