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Considerations For Whiteboard Use

Dec 22, 2016

Tabula Rasa life depends entirely on the degree of protection of the surface!!

① When first using the Whiteboard, remember to put plate protective film on the surface of RIP.

② to use a good quality white board pen, or wipe clean.

③ do not usually something on board, so as not to hurt face plate!

④ Whiteboard use after a period of time, the Pan appeared pen marks or dust, is a normal phenomenon; do not use dishcloth directly wipe the Board should first spray Whiteboard cleaner on the surface, use a soft, clean cotton cloth or without hair towel carefully to wipe.

⑤ use a soft wipe clean whiteboard (such as attaching to the whiteboard to clean the dirt, dry after washing, can be reused), otherwise, easy to damage the surface when wiped.