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Can We Break A Glass Whiteboard?

Aug 25, 2017

When introducing glass whiteboards as a perfect substitution for the old stained traditional whiteboards to people, some people are worried about the breakage issue. In their mind, glass is a subject that always concerning about “breaking” or “shattering”.

With regard to the question “ can we break a glass whiteboards?” Our answer is: yes, you can break a glass whiteboard, but that’s a rare occurrence.

Colored Dry Erase Board Glass.jpgOur glass whiteboard is not a whiteboard made with normal glass. It is made with tempered glass which is up to ten times stronger than normal glass. The process of tempering involves a extreme heating and rapid cooling of the glass, which creates enormous tensions stored in the glass center. These tensions are normally balanced inside and outside which results in a impact resistant material.

However, nothing is indestructible, if you use a very strong and very sharp impact onto the glass surface, the impact will release that tension and causing the glass shatter. But that happens rarely in normal use. If you use it properly, it will never need to be replaced.

To prove the strength and durability of glass whiteboards, we made some little tests on the glass boards in our office. We hit the glass boards with a hammer strongly, we threw the glass board from a certain height, but nothing hurt to the glass boards at all.  

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