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Why magnetic Whiteboard easily?

Dec 22, 2016

The working population should have seen a whiteboard. As long as there is room where ultimately all this stuff! During the meeting aided explains, Blackboard, record a lot he can do to help! But such useful things and give people a lot of trouble, often hangs on the wall of the whiteboard with varying degrees of deformation appears after a period of time, take another one or two years, gives people a headache.

Deformation about why white? This to say from the structure of Tabula Rasa! Magnetic Whiteboard although it looks like iron. But only a thin layer of metal on the surface, this layer of metal is mounted on a piece of cardboard. Sealed by a plastic border up again! But because most white good sealing effect is not added back to the South when the humidity of the room can be quite large, corrugated cardboard inside are very prone to damp, once wet, distortion is inevitable. Some good quality whiteboard and abroad into a corrugated board improves the hardness of the Whiteboard, relatively good! But I still can't avoid deformation of damp conditions.