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Wholesale Whiteboard Glass

May 29, 2018

(Wholesale) whiteboard glass already works as the best whiteboard product in this industry. People are amazing about the great features of glass whiteboards concerning durable and never ghosting on surface of whiteboard glass.  The whiteboard glass not only present a modern outlook of your company, but also offers the perfect writing experience.  

People will some options when choosing a whiteboard glass for their space. Here we would like to list some points for people when they consider to choose a whiteboard glass material. 

Frosted Glass Whiteboard – Frosted glass is a semi-transparent glass. Due to its features of semi-transparent, frosted glass whiteboard is often produced as non-magnetic for a better outlook. 

Ultra White Glass Whiteboard - The ultra whiteboard looks as a white color crystal. The frameless design make it elegant to fit well with modern enviroment.  

Colored Glass Whiteboard – If you want to present your office for the fun and fresh look of vibrant colors, you will love the colored glass whiteboard very much. The colored glass whiteboard will looks as the clear colored crystall.  It will bring the new outlook for your space. 

Custom logo glass whiteboard – You are allow to customize the glass whiteboard size, color and logo as per your requirement. 

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