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Wholesale Glass Dry Erase Boards

Jun 20, 2018

Wholesale Glass Dry Erase Boards

These years, more and more people realize that tempered glass is a superb dry erase writing surface , colored glass dry erase board fits any modern and stylish decoration. A good never ghosting writing surface is very important in many occations, such as meeting, presentation, brainsstorming, drawing and so on. At Blessing Glass Whiteboard Facotry, the glass dry erase boards that we provide is appealing, durable and easy to maintain. You will never troubled by the staining tradtional plastic dry erase board any more.

It is allow to customize the size of wholesaled glass dry erase board to fit your room, and we have 770 colors available for wholesale glass dry erase board to creative your own stylish space. Besides this, whever you wish to mount glass dry erase board on the wall, or wish to move glass dry erase board from one room to another room for convenience, we all have options for you. Just contact us for inquiry and we will offer sugesstion based on your specific requirement.

Some people are worrying if glass dry erase board will easy to break. Here we will provide some information to help you detailly understand  the glass dry erase board. Our glass dry erase board is made of electronic tempered glass. The strength is 6 to 7 times stronger than common glass. It is durable, anticorrosion, eco-friendly and could be use forever.

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