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Whiteboard: problems and solutions

Dec 22, 2016

1. Why did I write the content cannot be displayed on the screen?

1) use a different color as the background.

2) please when writing other articles removed from the screen.

3) start EASYBOARD software.

2. Why script icon appears on the taskbar on the right of the screen?

1) make sure the electronic whiteboard for multimedia equipment, computers and other plug-in is a good connection.

2) make sure the driver is installed.

3) right anomalies during installation, start the computer, and reinstall the program.

4) electronic board USB connection to the computer is incorrect.

5) Please install the writing software to make the icon appear in the task bar in the lower right of the screen.

3. After reinstalling the whiteboard software, do I need to proofread?

Do not need. System has recorded the last time you all the calibration parameters.

4. Page index covering the contents of the window are covered?

In that case, the content is intact but has been temporarily covered.

5. How to know the status Whiteboard work?

When writing on a whiteboard, blue indicator light indicates that Whiteboard is working.