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whiteboard glass for hospital

Jan 11, 2018

With the function of never ghosting and elegant design , the whiteboard glass has been widely used in lots of hospital. Whiteboard glass now play an very important role in hospital now, it is quite suitable for a healthcare environment designed.

Why lots of hospital is fond of whiteboard glass?

Firstly, the raw material of whiteboard glass is eco-friendly.

Second, whiteboard glass is never stainning and never ghosting that allow you to use forever.

Thirdly, whiteboard glass is allowed to be printed. Hospital usually like to have fixed formate to show nurse and paitent some important information.

Whiteboard glass in hospital

Whiteboard glass is allow to use in in patient rooms, nurse stations , doctor room, meeting room, emergency rooms, operating room and critical care areas as a high efficiency communication tool.

Keep a whiteboard glass in patient room will help doctors, nurses or families to tracking for patient’s health situation and important message. It is great for keeping patients, healthcare workers and families fully updated about patient’s current state, physician information.

Customized Whiteboard glass for hospital

You could design or telling us which kinds of fix formate you want to print on whiteboard glass. Then decide for size and color of whiteboard glass. Our factory could print content on whiteboard glass as you required. 

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