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Whiteboard Ghosting Problem

Sep 30, 2019

Have you ever been in an office or a classroom or a business presentation room where a whiteboard being stained and ghosted? I guess that most answers will be “yes”.

We all know that for the first month of use, the whiteboard still look fine. But it will not take very long for a whiteboard to start staining and ghosting. The stains and ghosts just don’t go away no matter how careful you are about erasing and cleaning the whiteboard, which makes the whiteboard look very dirty and difficult to use.  

When it comes to start looking for an alternative option to solve the ghosting problem of a traditional whiteboard, just consider the glass whiteboard which can definitely save you money in the long run.

The glass whiteboard surface is much less porous than any of the traditional whiteboards that made of steel, porcelain or melamine. You don’t have to worry about ghosting at all because it is stain resistant and scratch resistant. It is made of tempered safety glass which is extremely strong and the surface won’t be damaged by any harsh chemicals.

The glass whiteboard will always give you a fresh and new look even if it is been overused every day. With this stylish and functional glass whiteboard, sure you will have a very wonderful writing & presentation experience.

The glass whiteboard is never stain and never ghosting.

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