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What is glass whiteboard?

Apr 24, 2020

Glass whiteboard is the use of top safe strong tempered glass, and the use of advanced water paint and glass processing technology research and development, texture outstanding, let the conference room or residential decoration overall more bright and stylish. Ensure the safety of your use. Glass whiteboard is a new type of writing board, its evolution period is from the first blackboard to the magnetic green board to now universal magnetic whiteboard. Glass whiteboard is usually toughened, the strength is several times the ordinary glass high security, easy to write easy to wipe, high-grade atmosphere.

Ordinary whiteboard service life is not long: after using for a period of time will become black, font traces are difficult to erase, need professional cleaning water to clean. The quality of the glass whiteboard is stronger than the ordinary whiteboard, not easy to deformation. But regular whiteboards are relatively cheap. As long as the glass whiteboard is not deliberately damaged, it can be permanently used, easy to write and easy to wipe, the appearance is very good, can increase the company's image. Glass writing board is a truly repeatable writing board, even if written tens of thousands of times, the glass plate is smooth as a mirror, clear and clean.