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Ways of maintaining a glass writing board

Dec 07, 2017

glass wiring board black color.jpg  Colored glass writing board

In the past few years, glass writing board has already being a new standout product in office supplies, school supplies and interior design industry. 

Glass writing board is renowed as great features of never stain and ghosting, not like a ghosting traditional whiteboard. People prefer to clean their writing boards to keep them looking shiny and new, and the most important is that glass writing board is quite easily to clean and maintain. 

Here are some tips about how to maintain a glass writing board. 

1. A whiteboard earser will easily wipe off all stainning and ghosting on board surface. 

2. Use a clean cloth dipping some clean water to clean the suface of wiring boards. 

3. Better to install and use glass writing board inside of room. 

4. Do not use knife on board surface

5. To keep board surface as becautiful as crystal, better not to stick tapes or adhesives on board surface. 

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