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Use of electronic whiteboards

Dec 22, 2016

First, interactive teaching

Extended, and rich has traditional computer multimedia equipment of tool function, more improve has audio-visual effect, electronic whiteboard uses in the of drag put, and photography, and hidden, and pulled scene, and painting, and match, and rates feedback, function module, these wonderful of Visual and the hearing effect, greatly improve has students of attention and understanding, inspired has students of interest, mobilization students active participation to teaching process in the to.

In short, stable and advanced performance, interactive whiteboard system, realize the true meaning of interactive teaching model, namely:

1, the interaction between the teacher and teacher

2, interaction between teachers and students

3, interaction between the students and students

4, the interaction between teachers and students and courseware

Second, business meetings

At the daily meeting of all walks, displayed on a computer screen and infrared electronic whiteboard content, so that each participant in a variety of applications (such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF and other editing software), written with a stylus or finger and and save the commentary, attract the attention of every participant, without to leave notes.

Interactive games can be added to the demo link, field questions and allow customers to write on the whiteboard or click on the right answer. Exciting and different ways of expression, make your presentation more attractive.

Third, the internal training

In the enterprise, using interactive electronic whiteboard for staff training, you can make the training more vivid, more intuitive and effective.