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Test for Whiteboard

Aug 21, 2018

Hi everybody, here comes a test for whiteboard. There will be some exercise about knowledges about traditional whiteboard and glass whiteboard. Are you confident to answer all the question correctly? 

1.  People are often troubled by the ghosting and staining of -------?

     A, Traditional whiteboard                  B, Glass whiteboard. 

     Correct answer :   OptionA, Traditional whiteboard. 

2.   Is glass whiteboard will be ghosted and stained? 

      A. Yes.                  B. No.

      Correct answer:   Option B. No. 


3.   Is the material of traditional is healthy and eco-friendly?

       A. Yes.                  B. No.

       Correct answer:   Option B. No.


4.   How long could be glass whiteboard use?

       A.   30years            B. Forever

       Correct answer:   Option B. Forever


5.    Why is Blessing glass whiteboard safe to use?  

        A.  Because its material is electronic tempered glass with high strength.

        B.  Because pass SGS drop and safety test and Europe EN71 certificate

        Correct answer:   Option A and Option B are all correct.


6.    The reasons of choosing Blessing glass whiteboard:

       A. 10 years professional factory only focus on glass whiteboard.

       B.  Get SGS certificate and Europe certificate

       C.  only focus on middle and high end market with top quality.

       D.  Keep on continuous innovation

       E.  Never ghosting and easy to clean.

       Correct answer: Option A & B & C & D & E are all correct.


Are you answer all questions about whiteboard correctly? We believe now you have know more about the great advantages of glass whiteboard.

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