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Tempered Glass Writing Board Features

Feb 02, 2018

Tempered Glass Writing Board is made of electronic tempered glass, which strength is 7 times stronger then common glass. 

If tempered glass safe to use as a whiteboard? 

Tempered glass has been approved as a safety glass that is processed by thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass. It already quite popular in many fields. such as office, school, club, pub, art spaces and so on. Tempered glass is already applied to building decoration, furniture, vehicles, vessels, and many other applications 

Here we will list some features of tempered glass:

Part of Strength:  

With a special tempering process, tempered glass's strength is around 7 times of regular glass. What's the most important, tempered glass have the feature of heat resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant.

Part of Safety:  

As per the characteristic of tempered glass,  it is with high resistance to heat and breakage, there fore, tempered glass is hardly broken in common use. Even if it is broken by very powerful external force, it fractures into little tiny cubes which with blunt edges instead of splintering into random and jagged shards. This greatly reduces the risk of injury to people. So it considered as safety glass.


Glass size could be customized at the begining, then put it to be tempered. After that, customized tempered glass can not be cut because it has gone through the tempering process. 

In conclusion, tempered glass writing board is quite safety to use and have excellent features. 

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