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Tempered Glass Dry Erase Board Series

Mar 27, 2018

Tempered glass dry erase board series have play an important role in every industries nowadays. Some people have queries about how tempered glass dry erase series product works through people’s life and people’s work. In order to understand this, let’s see what kinds of products are included in tempered glass dry erase series first.

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Let’s see details about tempered glass dry erase board series.

1. Tempered Glass Dry Erase Board

It offers an excellent dry erase writing experience without any ghosting left. Thick about the scene that you are making an important business presentation, a never stainning glass dry erase board will be a quite important tool to show your idea and content for important customer. Customers will have a quite good impression. 

2. Tempered Glass Dry Erase Planner

You will feel free to printed any format on tempered glass dry erase board as your specific need. Such as for a daily planner, weekly planner, hospital information record. This kind of fixed format will let you feel everything is organized.

3. Tempered Glass Dry Erase Photo

Any pictures and photos are allow to printed on tempered glass dry erase board. The picture shows great on crystal glass board surface, and it will never fade. The picture and the glass will keep as good as new glass even you use for a long time. The most impoartant is that you could write anything on photo surface and easily to wipe off them.

4. Tempered Glass Dry Erase Partition

Tempered dry erase glass is available with a varity of colors. It will meet all your design for modern occations, such as office design, art spaces, theme party. It is simple and generous and elegant.

5. Tempered Glass Dry Erase Projection Board

Being a glass dry erase projection board, you will feel free to use it as a dry erase board also. It combine the both functions that brings people more convenience. Showing a business presentation, or a teaching, or see a sport/movie in the home, glass projection whiteboard will be your best choice.

6. Tempered Glass Table

With coloful tempered glass table, you are allow to directly dry erase write on the glass table surface. It is good for Child drawing, studing etc.

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