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Several Unexpected Ways to Use Glass Dry Erase Boards

Nov 17, 2017

Glass dry erase boards are quickly becoming one of the best office product in the market. They are extremely durable, can last for a life time if properly used. They don’t stain or ghost, they are perfect for office room with multiple functions.

With our unique and advanced techniques, except for the basic whiteboard function, we can also make the glass boards with some other functions.

Glass Photo with Dry Erase Function: 

The glass photo is our patented product. It is processed with our special printing technique. Any photos, images can be printed on the tempered glass with high resolution. Take a photo, and we will make it last for a lifetime. You can hang the glass photo in your home or office as decoration and use it as dry erase board or magnetic board as well.  

Glass Mirror with Dry Erase Function: 

The traditional mirror uses only for object reflection or decoration. But we Xiamen Blessing Glass Whiteboard Manufacturing Co., Ltd give the glass mirror with new functions—magnetic and dry wipe function.  With these multiple functions, it will be a perfect addition to your home, office or any institutions.

Glass Partitions with Dry Erase Function: 

Glass Partitions make a great addition to any office. With dry erase function, our glass partitions will be an ideal practical partitioning solution for all offices. It will give your office an contemporary and modern feel and quickly transform your office into a productive space that really works well for you.

Glass Weekly Planer with Dry Erase Function: 

Having a weekly planer will help planning your schedule by week effectively, it can encourage your constant deadline awareness, you can use the magnets to post important tickets, notes and memos. You can write down all your appointments and when a new week comes, you can wipe all clear very easily thanks to the smooth surface of the tempered glass.

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Blessing Glass Whiteboard manufacturer offers top quality products. We have strictly incoming inspection system for raw materials, and producing as per our standardization. We have 10 years of exporting glass whiteboard to USA and European Countries, and we are always making our best effort to develop new products to make innovation.

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