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Printed Glass Dry Erase Boards Magnetic

Jan 05, 2018

Magnetic Printed glass dry erase board allow you customized and make dry erase writing on dry erase board.  It have the advantage of good writing, easy to clean, never ghosting on surface and durability. 

Printed glass dry erase board is made of electronic grade tempered glass which have been approved as the best material for dry erase writing. It's strength is 7 times stronger than common glass, so it is safety to use. The most important is the printed content on glass dry erase board could be customized.

Printed Glass Dry Erase Board Planner 

You will feel great to write any plans on printed glass dry erase board, such as daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan.  It shows clearly on glass dry erase board and when you use whiteboard eraser the clean the surface, it won't leave any ghosting on board. 

Printed Glass Logo

Printed glass logo make your logo looks more fashion, elegant. 

Printed Glass Board

You are allow to customized any content to print on glass dry erase board.  

No matter how long you use the printed glass dry erase board, it will as good as new glass.  It is eco-friendly and anti-corrosion. 

Blessing glass board manufacturer is the leader of glass dry erase board industry. With the ability of making innovation, we will making more related glass dry boards as per your specific need. 


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