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Movable Glass Whiteboard

Apr 27, 2018

Nowadays, how to improve and commucate efficient have arouse people’s great concerns. No matter you are conduct a shorting meeting, or wish to write and draw in different rooms, a movable glass whiteboard will bring lots of benefit to you.

Let’s see the important features of movable glass whiteboard:

Raw Material: Made of made of tempered glass, 6-7 times stronger than common glass.

Writing Expereice: Smoothly and good writing by whiteboard marker.

Wipe Off: Quite easy to wipe off by whiteboard eraser. Never leave any staining on board surface.

Wish a movable glass whiteboard, you are allow to move glass whiteboard from one room to another room to enhance work efficiency. It is perfect communication solution nowadays for all of people from different industries.  

You are allow to choose single-sided movable glass whiteboard or a double-sided movable glass whiteboard. What is amazing is that you will feel free to choose different color for two sides of double-sided movable glass whiteboard. You can customized for size and color of movable glass whiteboard.

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