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Matt Glass Plate And Super White Glass Panels

May 14, 2020

Matt glass plate

After high temperature and strengthening the first glass panel and then atomization technology makes the glass surface nanoparticles microcrystalline structure effectively reduces the surface reflective rate, and further enhance the strength and hardness of the glass. The surface is exquisite, high hardness, low reflective rate, writing smooth, easy to wipe, the projection is clear, good color reproduction, sensory excellent results. Impact resistance is twice that of ordinary glass; The surface hardness is mo type 7.5, which is 10% higher than ordinary glass. It can resist the cutting of the front steel knife without leaving any trace. Reflective rate: less than 10%; Acid and alkali resistance is the same as that of ordinary glass. The aging resistance is the same as ordinary glass.

Super white glass panels

Ordinary glass whiteboard in the field of vision is easy to reflect light, and ordinary matte glass whiteboard, easier to wipe, and after a number of technical syntheses, its whiteness reached the world's whitest. So this new type of whiteboard has been popular since it came on the market.

The new material also has the following advantages:

1) 160-degree ultra-large view Angle

2) acid and base resistance and chemical reaction resistance

3) eliminate glare