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Large Dry Wipe Board

Mar 28, 2018

Large Dry Wipe Board Tempered Glass 

What is the best raw material for making a large dry wipe board? As per experience, people love smoothly clear dry erase writing, wiping off message board easily without leaving any ghosting on board. Additionally, the large dry wipe board need to be longtime using as good as new one. For the best, the large dry wipe board should be fit well with the interior environment as a nice decoration. 

With above personalized demands from different customers, we find that tempered glass raw material is approved as the best material for dry erase writing and never leave any stainning on surface of large dry wipe board. What is amazing! We could freely write on an anti-stainning dry wipe board for many years without worrying about the ghosting. 

On the other hand, some people will ask if tempered glass is safe to use in office, home or even for child. After thousands of test, we can say that tempered glass's strength is 7 times than common glass, so it is not easy to break.  What's more, Blessing Glass Board Factory use the top quality electronic grade tempered glass, which quality is better than other suppliers. We have pass SGS drop and safety test for tempered glass. 

Some people will ask if tempered glass large dry wipe board is available for child to learning. The answer is yes! Reasons are below: 1. tempered glass are not easy to break. 2. The water glass paint we use is eco-friendly paint which pass SGS test. 3. Our tempered large dry wipe board have pass Europe Certificate for safety of child toy. How amazing! As we all known that, Europre have quite very strickly policy for safety of hild toy, but our product meet this standard. This is the best approval for our top quality and suiteable for kid to use. 

Some people are environmentalist. They care for if tempered glass large dry wipe board is environmental. The answer is yes. As we know, traditional dry wipe boards are made of plastic and lifetime is only 2 or 3 three years. Those plastic are not enviromental. Our tempered glass large dry wipe board are eco-friendly and anticorrosion. No matter how long you keep them, tempered glass will as good new glass, their surface will keep as clearly as crystal. 

Now we have learn some many great advantages of Tempered Glass Large Dry Wipe Board. They are durable, never ghosting, Eco-friendly, lifetime using, and being a elegant decoration in your working sapce or home design. 

If you want to learn more details, please refer to our website: www.oneglassboard.com. 

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