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How to Use A Glass Writing Board?

Aug 04, 2017

Since Glass Whiteboard have widely application in office, school, hospital, hotel, interior design industry, it is a great tool for various creative offices, organized hospitals and teaching and training institutions for a number of reasons; they’re durable, easy to clean and virtually impossible to stain or ruin. These boards can have a lifespan that outlives your current business ventures, or even you!

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How to make full use of a glass writing board? Here we list some best ways for your reference:


Make record of everybody’s new creative idea when holding brainstorming meeting. The never stain board surface and colorful glass writing board creatives a harmonious environment for brainstorming.

Memo and Message

Make memo in office, meeting room, classroom, home and hotel, club, coffee shop, and other occations.

Putting glass whiteboards in the office to write messages of congratulations, inspiration or even your favorite jokes. Or leave message for your kids and patents.

Meeting and Conference

The never stainning and ghosting glass writing board helps you present a clearly and nice meeting agenda.People will have a good writing experience on glass board surface, without troubled by ghosting surface.


Present a schedule on glass whiteboard will help people have a clearly understanding of schedules and goals that need to achieve.

To-Do Lists

Clearly writing to do list on never ghosting glass board will reminds people about all today’s plans, and helps people deal with things in an orderly way.

Fashion Interior Design

The colorful glass writing board not only offer people a good writing surface, but also as a fashion elegant decoration in modern interior design, such as morden office, home, creative space, club, art space and so on. 

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