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How to reduce damage Manila Board

Dec 22, 2016

Whiteboard as a substitute for a new Board, changed the situation of chifenbihui in the traditional sense, more environmental health, easy. but in the prolonged use of Whiteboard writing appears more or less difficult to remove problems in the process. the following article to introduce you to how to reduce the damage of white board:

① General Whiteboard of manufacturing process is in fire Board or Tin above roast a layer white paint, with of time long has on will appeared wipe not off of pen marks. majority will with alcohol, and toothpaste, and SOAP water, and banana water or professional of Whiteboard cleaning agent wipe. Although are can up to good of cleaning effect, but good of cleaning agent can reduced dialogue board layout of loss. alcohol cleaning after of Whiteboard needed put in ventilation at dried, or will has more heavy of smell.

② written after the wipe, to shorten the time to avoid ink on a white board. we feel, wet just writing writing easier to wipe, long time did not wipe clean handwriting is very laborious. periodic scrub with clean water, keeping the surface clean to reduce residual stains such as ink traces Manila Board damage.

③ Whiteboard and accessory products to buy good quality. quality Whiteboard materials, production processes, products are guaranteed, which is a prerequisite for Whiteboard can outlast the useful.

Therefore, when you buy a whiteboard and accessory products, taking into account not only the price, but also good quality. I do not know how to tell, you can directly purchase famous brand products.