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How to Choose a Suitable Whiteboard?

Jun 15, 2017

Whiteboard is a very essential element to every office. It helps a lot for your busy office life. When buying a whiteboard, the surface quality and performance are the top on list of requirements.

In the market, you will see many types of whiteboards. Generally speaking, whiteboard has below kinds: enamel whiteboard, steel whiteboard, melamine whiteboard, and glass whiteboard. With so many kinds of choices, how to make a right choice for your office using?

In general, you are suggested to consider below factors when choose a whiteboard, which are the key points to choose a right whiteboard:

1. Is the whiteboard easy to clean?

The glass whiteboard surface is extremely glossy and glittering, it is with much smoother surface to write on and erase off compared with other surface types.

2. Is any stainning or ghosting leaving on whiteboard?

The glass whiteboard surface is absolutely non-porous surface, you never have to worry about the ghosting.

3. How long is the sevice time of whiteboard?

Glass Whiteboards are made of high-quality electronic-grade glass which is up to 6 to 7 times more durable than normal glass. It is highly scratch-resistance, the surface will maintain smooth for years even with very frequent use. It is so durable that you can even use it for a life time and never wear out.

4. Is the whiteboard material Eco-friendly?

Yes, glass whiteboard is a eco-friendly product. The main material is electronic tempered glass which is sustainable and recyclable material, it brings no harm to our living environment. 

Glass Writing Boards Pictures: 

blue glass boards Yellow glass board

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