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How to buy a good magnetic glass Whiteboard

Dec 22, 2016

A glass, magnetic Whiteboard features:

Glass whiteboard feature is wear-resistant, long life, clean and beautiful, glass Whiteboard in the modern office, you can use it as a decoration, can also use it as a projection screen, you do not need to write it's case, it also adds color to your Office. Whiteboard as an integral part of modern offices, white not only convenient and affordable and durable, so Manila Board requires more and more high, imported white resin white enameled whiteboard becomes more and more popular.

Second, magnetic Whiteboard glass installation:

1, move the 4 rubber tire fixed caster stand, and then column vertical 8x25 Assembly on the casters

2, x25 screw rail Assembly square to the top post, hang up the Blackboard support. Elliptical rails are assembled into the column below the black circle on the screw holes gasket

3, 6x65 used for fastening nailing to the top post, fastened with a nut, with black rubber, screw on the handle.

Installation is complete