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Glass whiteboards and the difference between the ordinary Whiteboard

Dec 22, 2016

At present, many people may not have used glass whiteboard, but there must be a lot of people have used the ordinary Whiteboard! apparently, there's a difference between these two, what are the specific differences, the focus of today, which is why we want to introduce.

First, the ordinary whiteboard and a glass Whiteboard from the production of material, there is a big difference. The ordinary Whiteboard generally belong to a variety of materials, quality and diversification. Glass White Board is obviously made with a glass of white.

Secondly, on the service life of both Whiteboard which is more long?

Answer is glass Whiteboard. Because glass Whiteboard use for some time will turn black, traces font is difficult to erase, requires professional clean water to clean. Quality than ordinary glass Whiteboard Whiteboard should be firm, not easily deformed.

Then, the prices, the ordinary Whiteboard price is cheaper than glass Whiteboard.

Finally, we want to remind everyone: Yes, glass white board as long as not human vandalism, for permanent use, easy to write and easy to clean, looks nice, can increase a company's image, steel processing art glass white board use safer.