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Glass Projection Whiteboards

Sep 06, 2019

Glass Projection Whiteboard is a new kind of projection board which is better than any existing projection material in the market.

Glass Projection Whiteboard enables you to use as a projection screen as well as a durable writable glass whiteboard. It could be perfect used when you want to project during meeting or teaching, but also to keep the ability to manually make notes.

We have got national and international patents for Glass Projection Whiteboard. It not only have good projection, but also a good surface writing. You are free to use whiteboard marker to have a good writing on glass projection Whiteboard, without leaving any staining and ghosting on board.

It is made on tempered glass which is safety in use. And its frameless design make glass projection whiteboard looks more elegant and tasteful in modern environment.

It is a eco-friendly product with long lifetime using, and suitable for schools, meeting/conference rooms or in the office.

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