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Glass Projection Whiteboard

Sep 07, 2017

Glass Projection Whiteboard is a amazing dry erase wiring projection screen. It is made of electronic tempered glass which not only offers you a good projection quality, but also allow you to make dry erase writing on board surface by whiteboard marker, and easily clean by whiteboard eraser. 

Being a projection screen, glass whiteboard is better than any existing projection material in the market. It offers a clearly and nice projection effect that make your presentation more wonderful. 

Glass Projection Whiteboard enables you to use as a projection screen as well as a durable writable glass whiteboard. It is never stainning and ghosting on board surface, so you won't trouble by ghosting board surface that offering you a good dry erase writing experience. 

We have got national and international patents for Glass Projection Whiteboard, and it also pass EN71 Europe certificate. 

Its strength is 7 times stronger than normal glass, so it is safety in use. And its frameless design make glass projection whiteboard looks more elegant and tasteful in modern office and modern school space. 

Glass projection whiteboard a eco-friendly projection board with dry erase writing function. It could be used lifetime, and suitable for schools, conference rooms or anywhere to want both function of projection and dry erase writing. 

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