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Glass Message Boards for Hospital

Jan 22, 2019

Glass message boards applied in hospital have been approved that greatly improve the satisfaction bewteen patient and nurse, because it improve the communication efficiency in hospital. 

How hospital benefit from the glass message boards? Let's see some points. 

  1. Glass message boards never ghosting and never stainning. Nurse could update newest information on the clear and clean glass message boards. The patient can clearly see the their updated information on never ghosting glass message boards. 

  2. There are content title printed on glass message boards. The printed content could be customized as per the different demands from different hospital department and different hospitals.  

  3. Glass message boards is magnetic that allow you to use strong magnets to hold paper on the surface of glass message boards. 

  4. Glass message boards look fashion and elegant, it fit well with the modern hospital interior design. 

  5. No matter how long you use glass message boards, it will stay as good as new glass. 

  6. The sizes and colors of glass message boards could be customized. 

With so many advantages, lots of hospital start to use magnetic glass message boards insteads of the old ghosting traditional whiteboard. 

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Magnetic Glass Message Boards