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Glass Dry Erase Boards for School

Jul 13, 2018

Glass Dry Erase Boards for School offers teachers and students a great space for teaching, studying, presentation, brainstorming, planning and writing messages. Teachers and student will work and study in a healthy environment without any chalk dust. 

Why many school nowadays are choosing glass dry erase boards for schools? 

1. Never Ghosting

Glass dry erase boards surface will never stainning and ghosting. This is very important for teaching and studying that will greatly improve the efficiency of teaching and studying. 

2. Easy to Clean

Glass dry erase boards for school are easy to clean by a whiteboard eraser, or even a cloth. Students will emancipate themself from the dirthy ghosting traditional blackboard. 

3. Eco-friendly and good for health

Glass dry erase boards for school are made of tempered glass which is passing SGS certificate. Our boards even get the certificate for EN71 europe certificate for safety of child safety. It is durable and safe for student to use. The eco-friendly paint also pass SGS certificate. 

4. Colors of glass dry erase board are allow to customized. 

Different ages of student will have different requirement for colors of glass dry erase board. Kindergarten kids are fond of many different fresh colors and loves to drawing on colored glass dry erase board very much. 

5. Durable and lifetime is long. 

Glass dry erase boards is made of electronic tempered glass which strengh is 7 times stronger them common glass. Our glass dry erase board pass SGS and EN 71 certificate. 

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