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Glass Dry Erase Board Factory

Sep 13, 2018

Glass Dry Erase Board Factory - Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory. 

Our Blessing Glass Dry Erase Board Factory is the leading manufacture of glass dry erase board in the world, established in 2009. For 9 years, we only focus on glass whiteboard developing, manufactoring and export. As 9 years export experience in middle and high end market of  Europe and USA, we already establish a good reputation there.  We have attend lots of professional office supplies exhibitions. 

Exhibition of Paperworld Frankfurt 

Frankfurt Paperworld.jpg German Paperworld.jpg

Other Exhibitions:

Hongkong Internation Stationery Fair 1.jpg QQ图片20161114141550.jpg

Certificates of Blessing Glass Dry Erase Board Factory:

Glass whiteboardcertificate.jpg

Team Activity of Blessing Glass Dry Erase Board Factory

Team Activity.jpg  Team Activity2.jpg

Glass Dry Erase Board Features:

1. Never staining or ghosting on dry erase board surface

2. Smoothly dry erase board by dry erase marker

3. Easy to clean by dry erase eraser

4. With magnetic that allow to hold on paper and note on board surface

5. It is looks as elegant as clearly crystal and anti-corrosion

6. As a nice decoration for modern office and school

Popular Sizes of Glass Dry Erase Board: 

600x900mm, 900x1200mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x1500mm,  1200x1800mm,  1200x2400mm

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