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Ghosting Traditional Whiteboard and Never ghosting glass whiteboard

Aug 07, 2018

Here comes an important business presentation.  

Scene One

Imagine you exquisitely prepare for the professional speech and excellent PPT. You gracefully walk into the modern elegant meeting room, and start to present confidently in front of your important client. You have good handwriting, and beautifully write the key points on the glass whiteboard. The writings on the crystal surface of glass whiteboard looks comfortable and nice. As times goes on, you continue to write and clean and write again on the glass whiteboard surface, the surface looks like a new crystal surface, without leaving any staining or ghosting on the glass whiteboard surface. These small details shows the profession and good working style of your company.  Everything seems prefect and goes smoothly, and the clients have a satisfied smile on their face. 

Scene Two

Imagine you well prepare for all details of this important presentation, a good speech, a nice PPT, a clean meeting room etc. During presentation, you are writing key points on the traditional whiteboard. But worst things is that the letters on whiteboard surface looks illegible on the stainning traditional whiteboard. The traditional whiteboard already used for a long time, and its surface ghosting can't be fully cleaned. You start to worry if your clients could see the important content on whiteboard clearly. When the whiteboard surface are fully writtern, you start to clean the surface by whiteboard eraser. What is worse, the surface become more ugly and the new writing on it become more illegible. All these small details are in the eyes of your important clients' eyes, and it make your whole presentation not so perfect. 

Therefore, what kind of whiteboard you will choose for your office? A staining traditional plastic whiteboard, or a never ghosting colored glass whiteboard. We think you will have the right answers.  

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